Top 10 Best Earbuds

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Bluetooth Earphones

Extra Bass Earbuds

Wood Wired Earbuds

Wired Earbuds

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Best Overall

These wireless, bluetooth earbuds give you the best bang for your buck with its high-quality feautres and an affordable price.

Best for Extra Bass

If you're looking for the ultimate music experience, these wired earbuds feature a 12 millimeter dome type driver unites that deliver a powerful, deep bass.

Best Design

These earbuds are crafted from all-natural, genuine wood and are offered in an impressive 5 different color options. If you're looking for a stylish way to listen to music, look no further.

Best Price

Offer at a low price of $15.99, Betron's Wired Earbuds are one of the most affordable options on the market. Despite its low price, the earbuds are surprisingly high-quality.  

Best Bluetooth

TOZO's Wireless Earbuds are by far one of the most technologically-advanced pairs on our list. With advanced bluetooth 5.0 technology and touch control sensors, these earbuds seem to be worth the price.


• Auto Pairing & On-Ear Control

• Built-In Microphones for Hands-Free Calls

• Comfort Fit & Wide Compatibility


• Tangle-Free Cord

• Powerful Extra Bass

• Comfortable, Silicone Fit

• 3 Color Options

• Smartphone Playback Control

• Sleek Design

• Comfort Fit & In-Ear Design

• 5 Color Options

• Tangle-Free Cord

• Universal Compatibility

• Handmade Carrying Pouch

• Noise Isolating

• Enhanced Base

• Sound-Insulating Material

• Includes Earphone Carrying Case

• Includes Various Sizes of Earbud Tips

• Tangle-Free Cable

• Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

• Easy Pairing

• Smart LED Digital Display

• IPX8 Waterproof

• Includes Compact Charging Case

• Large Size Speaker Driver


• Possible Connection Issues

• Potential Video Lag

• Not a Long-Lasting Design

• Might Be Too Bulky 

• Not a Long-Lasting Design

• Complains of Inconsistent Sound Quality

• Complains of Sizing Issues

• Not a Durable Design

• Complains of Samsung Compatibility

• "Clunky" Design

Best Earbuds Buying Guide

Music plays an important part in our daily lives. Whether we’re listening at work, in the car, at home, or while we’re working out, music keeps us entertained during any occasion. Thankfully, new technology is making music more accessible and portable, and earbuds allow us to listen and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Because earbuds are so readily available at nearly any convenience store you go to, those in the music industry have to make these accessories with features like Bluetooth compatibility, noise-canceling capabilities, and premium sound to stand out from the rest.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the must-have features of earbuds are, the advantages of different types of earbuds, and how prolonged and improper use can affect your health.

Why Choose Earbuds?

Music earbuds are small, portable electronic pieces that fit snugly in your ear so you can listen to your music without interrupting those around you. This audio device is not usually cushioned and comes in a generic size. Unfortunately, these two factors might cause comfort problems in the long-term use of earphones that wouldn’t usually occur with a traditional listening device.

The ability for a user to maintain awareness of their surroundings while using earbuds is what makes these musical tools stand out from other audio devices. With earbuds, a user can still hear a loud noise or voices of those around them, allowing for them to still interact with their surroundings while listening to music.

However, given the positioning of this device, there is a greater need to increase volume levels. Earbuds, especially in noisy environments, might require a higher volume so you can hear your music clearer. Over time, this could cause hearing loss or irritation if the device isn’t used properly. 

Must-Have Features

To get the most of the money you are investing in this accessory, you must understand which features will affect your listening experience. Sound quality, durability, comfort, and price are the primary features that will make your experience with your brand-new earphones either fantastic or a failure.

Sound Quality

Earphones generally aren’t associated with superior audio quality, but some pairs do compete with the kind of quality sound that premium headphones are known for. It is recommended that you pick a pair that suits your music quality taste—a crucial factor to consider as it directly affects your listening experience. If you’re adamant about having the quality that sounds like you’re front-stage at your favorite artist’s concert, you’ll have to pay a premium price.


No one invests in something that they would only use for a couple of days. The ideal portable audio accessory for you is one that is made with quality materials that can survive long-term and frequent use. Brands are now offering high-quality and durable earpieces to entice people to select their offerings against their competitors. 


Comfort should also be an essential factor to consider. While the sound quality is a must, having a comfortable earphone is essential if you plan to listen all day long. It not only ensures that no irritation will happen with use, but it is also a sign that your ear will remain healthy.  

Types of Earbuds

Within a booming industry, brands are competing for their share of the market. Of course, various manufacturers benefit consumers, but the flood of products also creates a dilemma: How are consumers to decide which brand is the best for them?

Read on to learn more about the various types of earphones so you can decide which will work best for you.

Wireless Earphones

Small, White, Wireless Earbuds On A Desk Near A Smartphone.

Wireless is becoming the norm with incredible technological advances in 2019. Wireless earphones connect to another device without cables. This new kind of earphone can stream any kind of audio, and wireless headphones are growing in variability as they become more widely available on the market.

Bluetooth-enabled earpieces are perhaps the most popular variety here. They connect to your smartphone, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-capable device so that sound can be delivered wirelessly. There are also other wireless pieces that connect via Wi-Fi. Though they work the same way conceptually, Wi-Fi offers a faster connection and a farther reach when compared to Bluetooth-enabled earphones.

Earphones for Athletics

A Woman Runs Through The Woods While Listening To Music With Wired Earphones.

Earphones allow you to enjoy your music during both idle times and when you actively run or play other sports. This is the reason why many brands started specializing in music earbuds for active individuals.  

This type comes with features that were included to fit the unique needs of fitness enthusiasts. Music earpieces for this market usually come with the following features:

  • Water resistance – Water resistance allows an active user to work up a sweat while maintaining the quality of the headphones.
  • Sturdy cables – Even if a user isn’t particularly clumsy, there is a greater chance for them to accidentally pull cables out while being active. Given this risk, an ideal music earbud is something made with dependable cables (or none at all). Cables that won’t easily break while you are in the middle of lifting weights or playing sports are ideal.
  • Long-lasting batteries (wireless earphones) – Wireless earphones are nice, but batteries can be a hassle to change. To make sure your listening experience lasts as long as your workout, make sure to buy headphones with a battery that lasts for at least four hours of listening.

Benefits of Earbuds

Because we all have diversity in our everyday lives, we need headphones that offer diversity in benefits. The following are some of the benefits of adding headphones to your everyday life:

  • Portability – Portability is the primary reason to grab this music accessory. Headphones are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, so they’re incredibly easy to bring with you everywhere you go.
  • Comfort – Earphones are considerably more comfortable than headphones that cover your entire ear.  
  • Price – Price is still the name of the game in choosing between earphones and headphones. Earphones are usually much cheaper than larger headphones, but still pack similar features to the traditional audio device.
  • Wireless options – More and more people are going cordless. If you are an active and always on-the-go kind of person, a wireless variety is the best choice for you. Wireless earbuds are fitted with features like remote controls, long battery life, and fast charging so you can enjoy music even if you are constantly moving from one place to another.
  • Convenience – Earphones are not only for listening to music. They can also be used to talk hands-free to your coworkers or friends while walking down the street or in the middle or grabbing groceries. Earbuds are multi-functional, so you don’t have to spend more cash for another device specifically made for answering phone calls hands-free.

Earbuds & Decibels

Ear health should always be a priority. Playing music too loud can cause irreparable damage to your ear that could lead to loss of auditory function. This is the primary disadvantage associated with using portable audio accessories. So, just what are music lovers to do to protect their ears?

Monitoring decibels is one way to prevent damage to your ear. Decibel is defined as the way of describing the ratio between sound intensity, power, and voltage.

Because of the increasing usage of earbuds, hearing loss is starting to become a serious health concern. A 2010 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey reveals that 16 percent of teenagers are at risk or have developed hearing loss due to constant exposure to loud noise.

With that in mind, the CDC says that an acceptable decibel level is at around 85 decibels for occupational noise exposure. Recent studies have laid down decibels of common noise sources, which can be useful in caring for your ears while using an earphone. The following are decibel measurements of common noise sources:

  • Normal conversation – 60 decibels
  • MP3 player at maximum level – 105 decibels
  • Concerts – 120 decibels
  • Heavy city traffic – 85 decibels
  • Firearms – 150 decibels
  • Sirens – 120 decibels

Final Thoughts

Earbuds are an investment that you need to research so you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Given the growing number of hours people spend with an earbud, it is a must to give this purchase some deep thought.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of options in the market, with each of them offering something that makes them stand out from the competition. Earphones primarily fall into two categories: wireless and active.

But how does one find the right earpiece? Comfort, durability, and sound quality should be factored in. Comfort is as important as your earphone’s price, and earphones should fit nicely in your ear to avoid irritation. It should not fall easily from your ear, but should also not be poking your ear all the time.

Durability should be factored in because, just as in price, no one would want to buy something and use it only once or twice. An earphone with top-quality materials is a must. Finally, consider sound quality.

This factor is especially true for music lovers. You want a pair capable of delivering great sound so that you can enjoy your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere. Spending money on an earphone incapable of delivering the kind of quality you want would just make you frustrated instead of satisfied with your purchase.