The Clover Grove Lucky Lashes: 10-Magnet Silk Eyelashes Kit

When it comes to cosmetics for Irish Dancers, nobody is better than The Clover Grove. Started by a passionate Dance Mom who couldn’t find quality products for her litter dancer, so she started making her very own. The Clover Grove Lucky Lashes are made of silk instead of animal products which makes them vegan. The kit includes eyeliner which is how the eyelashes stick into places like magic, the tweezers, and 3 different sets of eyelashes. These range from an everyday look to a much more dramatic lash.

The Clover Grove Lucky Lashes

The lashes are usable up to 25 times, although most will get even more use with proper care. You can also use mascara with the lashes but they should be cleaned with soap and water to make sure you get the most out of them.

Silk Lucky Lashes 10-Magnet Eyelash Kit

Sure to give a gorgeous, flawless look, The Clover Grove's Lucky Lashes kit adds the finishing touch for your everyday make-up routine or special event. Lashes are made of 100% silk and are lighter and more comfortable than mink lashes. They include ten magnets that adhere to the lid, making lashes strong enough to stay on all day, even during high-endurance performances. 

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For only $49.99 these lashes are a steal. Comparable eyelashes from companies like Moxie retail for over $127. Head over to The Clover Grove today!