Our Most Ridiculous, Extra Manly Product Of The Day

There’s nothing better than waking up every morning to the smell of crisp, juicy bacon. But unfortunately, that smell doesn’t last forever. What if I told you that you can keep the smell with you, quite literally right under your nose? With Archie Mcphee’s Bacon Scented Mustache, you can. Make all your bacon dreams come true with this quirky yet manly face accessory today!

Bacon Scented Mustache


There’s nothing that screams manliness more than bacon and mustaches. If you’re been struggling to grow out the furry friend on your upper lip, worry no more. Simply stick on the extra manly mustache and reap the benefits of a new look and a new scent. Better yet, it only costs $3.43 to take your manliness to new heights. Whatever the reason, this bacon-scented mustache is your perfect match.

The mustache measures 4 inches and has an adhesive backing for easy application. It’s also made of lifelike synthetic hair and, of course, smells like bacon. It comes in one size and has a recommended age range for 10 years old and up. So whether you’re an elementary school student looking for the perfect prop for show and tell or a grandpa looking to give your grandkids a chuckle, pop on one of these bad boys to do the trick!