Our Fantastically Froggy Product Pick Of The Day

Do you often find yourself wishing you could hit an annoying co-worker on the head? Do you sometimes wonder if there’s an easier way to get a friend’s attention from across the office without shooting them an email or giving a good old-fashioned yell? We’ve got the perfect thing for you to get someone’s attention without violating HR policies — this twelve-pack of slingshot frogs. 

Flying Slingshot Frogs

A 12 Pack Of Stretchy, Green Frog Slingshots.

Here’s how they work. Simply grab one froggy friend from your twelve-pack, hold the front end of your amphibian with your index finger, and stretch the back feet with your opposite finger at the other end. Ready, aim, and fire at your target. Just like real frogs, these little guys can hop, easily jumping 20 feet.

These frogs come packed with potential outside of grabbing someone’s attention at work. Consider adding these frogs to party favors at a child’s birthday, handing them out at an amphibian-themed party, or maybe even keeping a few handy just in case someone needs a little reminder to use their blinker in traffic. 

If you have children, the possibilities are endless. Stocking stuffers, play toys for Easter eggs, or simply enjoying a fun day outdoors are just a few of the occasions for which these flexible frogs would be perfect. These frogs are also the cutest new way to flirt with bae. Keep a few handy to sling at your husband or wife while they get ready in the morning, or stock your backpack with them to make your crush in English class notice you.

What could make these frogs even better? You’ll never have to worry about catching cancer from chemicals in your plastic pals because they’re 100% BPA-free. Chemical-free, probably okay with human resources, and fun for all ages. Could there ever be a better impulse buy?