How to Use an Ooni Pizza Oven: The 3 Best Tips & Tricks

How To Use An Ooni Pizza Oven

Wondering how to use an Ooni pizza oven? When it comes to personal pizza ovens, it doesn’t get much better than Ooni. Whether you’re using the Ooni Koda 12 or the Ooni Karu 16, these pizza ovens are jam-packed with impressive features that make them unrivaled compared to other top competitors.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert pizzaiolo, knowing how to properly use your Ooni oven is key to making the perfect Italian pie. We’ve compiled Ooni pizza oven tips so you can become an expert.

Read on to discover how to use an Ooni pizza oven!

Prepping & Preheating

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When it comes time to learn how to use an Ooni pizza oven, the first step is the preheating process.

Whether you’re using a wood-fired pizza oven or gas, your oven needs to be hot. High heat is necessary for a crispy, melt-in-your-mouth, perfectly-cooked pizza. While Ooni ovens are small and lightweight, don’t let their size fool you, as these pizza-making machines heat up to 900°F.

In order to start out the pizza process, open the gas valve and turn your oven to the highest temperature setting. Once you do so, leave the heat on high for around 15-20 minutes so your pizza stone is thoroughly heated.

Once your stone is sufficiently hot, you’re ready to start cooking!

Preparing Your Pizza

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The way you prep your pizza can determine how fluffy, crispy, and delicious your pie turns out. Before you begin, be sure to have your cheese, sauce, and toppings ready to go so you can assemble your pizza quickly and avoid the dough becoming dehydrated and sticky.

Next, be sure to generously flour your pizza peel. If you’re looking for a little extra crunch, opt for cornmeal or semolina flour instead of regular flour. Then, press down on your ball of dough and form a large disc. Once you’ve reached your desired size, lay the dough on your peel.

After kneading your dough, it’s time to assemble your pizza quickly and efficiently. Be sure to add your cheese before your toppings, as the cheese will act as glue for the toppings to stick to. Keep in mind that it’s important you wait to add fresh herbs until after the pizza is done so they don’t wilt or burn in the oven.

Cooking the Pizza

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It’s not uncommon to be nervous about cooking your pizza, but with an Ooni oven, you can be sure your pie will come out of the oven consistently crispy, fluffy, and delicious. Right before you slide your pizza into the oven, turn your oven’s temperature to the lowest setting to avoid burning the top of your pizza.

Put your pizza into the oven with one swift motion just a few inches away from the flame. Every 10 seconds or so, slide your peel under your pizza and turn the pie about 1/4 of the way around. If your pizza seems to be getting a little too crispy, place it further away from the flames.

After just 90 seconds in your Ooni oven, your pizza will be ready to serve!

The Bottom Line

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To put it quite plainly, Ooni pizza ovens are awesome. With their easy use, freaky fast cook time, and effortless clean-up, these outdoor ovens are the perfect way for a beginner pizzaiolo to make authentic, delicious pizza in the comfort of their own backyard.

When it comes to learning how to use an Ooni pizza oven, you may find that it’s much easier than expected. By following the steps listed above, you can transport yourself to pizza paradise in the blink of an eye.