How to Bake Pizza in an Oven Without a Pizza Stone: 5 Best Practices

How to Bake Pizza in an Oven Without a Pizza Stone

While pizza stones can help produce a crispy, delicious crust, you don’t need one to make great pizza at home. There are many advantages to using a pizza stone, but some disadvantages follow along with it.

To use a pizza stone properly, you have to sit around and preheat the stone for the minimum recommended amount of time, which is an hour. Plus, a pizza stone can be another added expense you make for great tasting pizza when a pizza stone really isn’t needed after all.

Below, we shared our top 5 biggest secrets to help take you to pizza paradise without the use of a pizza stone.

Use Heavy & Dark-Colored Pans

How To Make Pizza In An Oven Without A Pizza Stone

If you’re wondering how to bake pizza in an oven without a pizza stone, start out by using heavy and dark-colored pans. But can you cook pizza on a baking tray? Cooking pizza on baking tray or cooking pizza on inverted baking sheet is a good option as well. If you’re a pizza connoisseur, you likely load up your pizza pie with toppings. Even if you just go for cheese on your pizza, you’ll need a heavy pan in order to produce crispy crust and perfectly-cooked toppings, through and through.

Heavy baking pans are a guaranteed way to help your pizza finish with a crispy crust and hold up to all of the ingredients you wish to top off your pizza with.

Cheese Before Toppings

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From wood-burning pizza ovens to traditional at-home ovens, all types of pizza ovens need to be extremely hot in order for the Italian pie to cook properly. That being said, it’s important to add your cheese over the sauce BEFORE other toppings.

When it comes time to answer how to bake pizza in an oven without a pizza stone, this method is one of the best in the process to prevent the cheese from burning and it also acts as a glue for the toppings to stick to while baking thoroughly. Be sure to use a light hand while sprinkling your cheese, as too much cheese can make it challenging to get a crispy and completely-baked crust.

Turn Up the Heat!

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If you’ve ever strolled by a pizza oven and felt the heat radiating off of the oven, you’d know just how hot they can get. High heat is necessary for a crispy crust, melt-in-your-mouth, perfectly-cooked pizza. You might be wondering how to bake pizza in oven. For best results, heat your oven up 450-500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pizza ovens can get up to extremely high temperatures, and for good reason. Your oven needs to be hot and stay hot so your pizza will cook thoroughly, which will enhance the pie’s quality and taste. Especially when it comes down to how to bake pizza in an oven without a pizza stone, this is key.

A high-heat oven also helps the crust get crispy without burning the pizza. As long as you maintain the recommended temperature of your pie, you’ll get a perfectly-cooked crust. Having a high heat on your oven can guarantee the same perfectly-crispy crust that a pizza stone typically helps with.

Fresh Herbs After Baking

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From oregano and basil to rosemary and crushed red pepper, there are plenty of fresh herbs you can add to your pizza. Adding herbs to your pizza can spice up any regular old pizza or even ones with plenty of toppings.

When it comes to how to bake pizza in an oven without a pizza stone, it’s important to ensure your fresh herbs don’t wilt or turn brown. That being said, be sure to sprinkle herbs on your pizza as soon as you take it out of the oven.

Go Easy on the Sauce

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The sauce is one of the most delicious, essential parts of a good pizza. If you typically go for an extra scoop or two of pizza sauce, hold off this time around. Adding too much sauce to your pie can make it challenging for the pizza to bake all the way through.

When it comes down to how to bake pizza in an oven without a pizza stone, too much sauce can also cause all of your cheese, meats, and vegetables to pull off your pizza slice with the first bite. To ensure none of this happens, ensure you only add enough sauce so that a bit of the crust shows through your sauce.

If you’re asking yourself what’s the right way to go about cooking pizza in oven without stone or how to bake pizza in an oven without a pizza stone, after reading this guide, you’d know that achieving the crispy crust that pizza stones provide is easier than you might’ve originally thought.

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In order to replicate the same effect that using a pizza stone has on pizza, be sure to use a heavy pan, add your cheese before your toppings, make your oven nice and hot, add fresh herbs after baking, and go easy on the amount of sauce you use. This way, you can fast-track your way to pizza heaven.