43 Pumpkin Spice Items To Satisfy Your #Basic Instincts

Fall is here, which really means one thing: it’s pumpkin spice season. I love it, you love it, everyone loves it (even if they won’t admit it). From candles to lattes to shower curtains, there’s plenty of ways to show the world how much you love the true essence of autumn. If you’re looking to celebrate this season in the most #basic way possible, check out the following ridiculous pumpkin spice-themed items to satisfy your Basic Instincts.

1. Yoga pants to perfect your downward dog

Screenshot 2 1

Get your yoga flow on with these bad boys. Perfect your downward dog as you’re fueled by the power of pumpkin spice lattes. Great for the gym or just bumming around the house, these pumpkin spice yoga pants are designed to flaunt how fashion-forward you are this fall.

2. Some rockin’ bottle cap earrings

Pumpkin Spice Bottle Cap Earrings

Adding that ~final touch~ to your autumn outfit is a piece of cake with these bottle cap earrings. Featuring all things pumpkin spice-themed, these cute earrings are the perfect touch of fall flair to rock today.

3. Some patriotic pumpkin swag

Pumpkin Spice Bangle

This cute little bangle from Alex and Ani is the perfect accessory to pair with any outfit this fall. Made in the USA, this sleek bracelet features several fun charms, including one to proudly declare your love of pumpkin spice.

4. This medically accurate shirt

My Blood Type S Pumpkin Spice

If you just took a DNA test and found out you’re 100% basic, this t-shirt is made for you. Available in 6 colors, you and everyone else will get a good laugh from this autumn-themed attire. Best of all, you can snatch it for a great low price online.

5. This fancy tie for formal events

Pumpkin Spice Latte Tie

Not sure what to wear to your next black-tie event? Why not this pumpkin spice latte necktie? You’ll be sure to impress with its simple yet elegant design that lets everyone at the party know you’re a person with impeccable taste.

6. A chill trucker hat

Pumpkin Spice And Chill Trucker Hat

Netflix who? Pumpkin spice and chill with this trucker hat. This Sassy Stitches embroidered hat is, without a doubt, the coolest headgear you could don this season.

7. A pumpkin spice mask

Screenshot 3 2

If you’re required to wear a mask due to the on-going pandemic, why not represent what you love? Check out this pumpkin spice face mask that’s both affordable and cute.

8. Festive socks to stay cozy

Pumpkin Spice Themed Socks

When the weather outside gets frightful, stay cozy with these festive socks. Machine washable, they fit up to a women’s size 10 1/2. “Pumpkin spice up” your footwear with these bad boys now!

9. A purse that’s fashionable AND functional

Pumpkin Latte Purse

Who says you have to sacrifice function for fashion? Spoiler alert: you don’t have to with this pumpkin spice latte-shaped purse. Throw everything in this purse and go about your merry way this fall in style.

10. A PopSocket that’ll make you say YASS

Yass Pumpkin Spice Popsocket

Your old PopSocket is canceled. This pumpkin spiced-themed one will have you saying YASS—literally. If your phone accessories need an upgrade, it would be hard to go wrong with this affordably priced phone grip.

11. This philosophy-affirming mouse pad

Pumpkin Spice Mouse Pads

Grab some swag for your office with this mouse pad. Proudly sporting a life motto to live by, you’ll be the envy of all your office mates when you click away on this bad boy. Grab one of these life philosophy-affirming mousepads today!

12. This stylish pillow cover

Pumpkin Spice Pillow

Spice up your home décor with this stylish pillow cover. Make sure everyone who enters your home or apartment knows what season it is. Best of all? It’s under $10! Grab one today and add a nice touch to your living room or bedroom.

13. A throw blanket to replace your bae

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Forget bae; cozy up to this cute throw blanket this autumn. This pumpkin spice ~everything~ flannel blanket is sure to wrap you in the comfort of your love for all things pumpkin. If you’re ready for MAXIMUM fall spirit, this throw could be just what you’ve been searching for.

14. A face mask to get that #glo-up

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Glowing skin? It’s possible, now with ~pumpkin spice. This soothing mask is designed to leave your skin looking fresh and brightened, using the power of both pumpkins and cinnamon. #glowing

15. Some all-natural restorative shampoo

Pumpkin Chai Restorative Shampoo

Don’t just stop at a glowing face; get some shiny locks, too! It’s easy as (pumpkin) pie with this pumpkin chai-scented restorative shampoo. Infused with natural ingredients like pumpkin seed oil, people with all hair types can enjoy this shampoo. If you’re ready to start literally soaking yourself in pumpkin-y goodness, this shampoo from Good Earth Beauty could be the solution for you.

16. A swaggin’ shower curtain

71Hlfvbiryl. Ac Sl1500

As you lather your hair in some chai shampoo, keep your bathroom floor from getting soaked with this fall-themed shower curtain. Affordable? Check. Cute? Check. Easy to clean? Check. Anything you could want in a shower curtain, this one provides.

17. This tingly lip balm

Burts Bees Pumpkin Spice

Fall and winter = ultimate dry-lip weather. Don’t suffer this embarrassing and painful condition any longer. Trust the best of the best: Burt’s Bees. Protecting your lips has never tasted so good.

18. This irresistible cologne

Pumpkin Pie Cologne

Wooing someone has never been easier. Just splash a little pumpkin pie cologne on and voilà—you’re in Fancy Town. See this irresistible cologne now!

19. This scented candle

Spiced Pumpkin Candle

What time is it? Time for you to grab this spiced pumpkin Village Candle. Enjoy the same quality you’ve come to expect from this brand with all the spiced pumpkin-y goodness you could ever crave. Make your house smell like your grandma’s pie today.

20. Some car vent sticks for a sweet-smelling ride

Spiced Pumpkin Car Vent Sticks

If you grabbed that Yankee Candle and are sad to leave your pumpkin-scented home, don’t worry. You can now bring the same amazing scent with you on the road with these car vent sticks. Simply stick them in your car, and enjoy your favorite aroma for up to two weeks!

21. Scented wax melts for those who hate candles

Pumpkin Spice Wax Melt

Want your house to smell fall-fresh but have a cat that would knock over your candle in a heartbeat? Not a problem. These scented wax melts are here to make your home smell pumpkin-fresh without the fire hazards of a traditional candle. Grab some today for your wax melting needs! Your space will be spelling like heaven in no time.

22. The Febreze of your dreams

Fall Fresh Pumpkin Febreeze

The same Febreze you know and love with a fall-fresh pumpkin smell? Yes, please! Grab a pack of two today for a great low price. Your nose will thank you.

23. Some fragrance oils

Fragrance Oils

If fragrance oils are more your speed, this set of 6 premium oils could be the fall-themed package you’ve been waiting all summer for. With delicious scents like Apple Cider, Harvest Spice, and Pumpkin Pie, you can make any room smell like autumn in no time.

24. Some recyclable Starbucks K-Cup pods

Pumpkin Spice Starbucks Coffee

It’s not fall without pumpkin spice coffee (don’t argue with me here). Start your autumn off right—with your favorite drink from Starbucks! Best of all, these K-Cups are recyclable.* Enjoying your favorite fall-themed drink has never been so environmentally friendly.

25. Fancy fall-themed Biscotti

Pumpkin Spice Biscotti

Do you know what you need to dunk into your pumpkin spice coffee? A pumpkin spice Biscotti. Grab this pack of two and be prepared to enter Pumpkin Spice Town.

26. This sassy mug

Sassy Spice Mug

You’ll need something to hold your Starbucks. Why not this sassy mug? It does the talking for you, and at a reasonable price to boot.

27. Keto-friendly coffee creamer

Keto Coffee Pumpkin Spice Creamer

If you’re trying to go keto, you might be thinking that you have to give up your spiced pumpkin faves. Think again. This coffee creamer delivers pumpkin-flavored deliciousness to your cup of joe in a keto-friendly way. Made with ingredients like grass-fed ghee and organic coconut oil, this Paleo-friendly, zero-carb, sugar-free creamer is sure to delight any keto enthusiast. Splash some in your coffee and see what all the fuss is about.

28. These keto-friendly Quest bars💪💦

Pumpkin Keto Quest

You don’t have to trade taste for #gains when you enjoy these delicious Quest bars. Packed with protein, these keto-friendly snacks are here to help you satisfy your hunger all season long.

29. Some ZonePerfect nutrition bars to make snack time great again

Zoneperfect Pumpkin Spice

If you want nutrition bars at an affordable price, these snacks from ZonePerfect are for you. Full of flavor and protein, they’re sure to satisfy your cravings and make snack time great again.

30. Some Quaker instant oatmeal

Quaker Oats Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal

Start your mornings off right: with some Quaker instant oatmeal. Get that same Quaker quality you love with the pumpkin spice taste you crave today!

31. Stay swole with this protein-packed pancake mix

Pancake Pumpkin Spice Protein

Do you even pumpkin spice? Make gains with this protein-packed pancake mix that will deliver your body the fuel it needs to stay swole in a delicious way.

32. This syrup to take your pancake game to the next level

Pumpkin Puree Syrup

It’s fall. Having pancakes with maple syrup? Broke. Having pancakes with this pumpkin puree-infused syrup? WOKE. Don’t suffer from another unspirited breakfast ever again. Take your pancake game to the next level this season with this delicious syrup!

33. Part-tea up with this flavorful blend

Pumpkin Spice Tea

Coffee isn’t your thing? Okay, heathen. Try this flavorful pumpkin spice blend from Bigelow Tea. With a 20-count pack of 6, you’ll be enjoying some delicious tea all season long at a mind-blowingly low price.

34. These limited edition Pop-Tarts

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

Do you love Pop-Tarts? Of course, you do. These limited edition pastries are here to give your mornings the pumpkin pie boost it needs. Grab a box of 12 and treat yo’ self to the breakfast of champions.

35. Little Debbie’s pumpkin spice rolls

Little Debbie Rolls

The same Little Debbie you know and love just got a fall makeover. You can grab four boxes of these rolls for less than $10 online. It’s time to stock up your snack pantry!

36. Snack-sized KitKats for the ultimate Halloween handout

Pumpkin Spice Kitkat

Expecting trick-or-treaters this Halloween? Give them something that will stand above the rest of the candy they get: pumpkin pie-flavored KitKats. With a bag full of snack-sized goodies, you can hand out enough candy to treat all of the ghosts and goblins that ring your doorbell this October.

37. Some tasty snacks to munch on

Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels

Ditch the potato chips. Grab these pumpkin spice yogurt pretzels instead. Sweet and salty? 😤👏🔥 No cholesterol or trans fat? 😩💯 These ARE the crunchy treats you’ve been looking for.

38. Jell-O mix to instantly get your pumpkin spice fix

Pumpkin Spice Jell O

When you crave pumpkin spice, you really crave pumpkin spice. If waiting to get your pumpkin-y fix sounds like torture, don’t worry; Jell-O is here to deliver. Simply whip up this mix with some milk and you have all the spiced pumpkin goodness you could ever want in just a few quick minutes.

39. A festive bottle stopper

Pumpkin Bottle Stopper

Can’t get enough of the festive spirit? Say no more. These pumpkin bottle stoppers are here to save your drinks in a spooky autumn fashion. You can grab one for yourself or give it to a friend with the included gift box.

40. A bottle opener fit for a diva

Bottle Opener Diva Pumpkin Spice

Not just any bottle opener will do; grab this bottle opener fit for a diva from Sunshine. Going for less than $4, it’s never been easier (or more fabulous) to open your drinks.

41. The perfect flask

41Vhd49Dkkl. Ac Sl1100

This flask is where convenience + pumpkin spice meet. This stainless steel flask is perfect for taking your drinks on the go. With the waterproof lid, you won’t have to worry about any leakage, either. If you’re ready for a festive flask at a great low price, look no further than this one from Graphics and More.

42. Some flavorful lube to spice up the bedroom

713K2Svgcel. Sl1500

Bring some variety to the bedroom with this pumpkin spiced lubricant. This water-based lube packs a delicious taste without any sugar, so you can focus on a whole new world of fun. Spicing up playtime has never tasted quite this good.

43. Some playful panties

Screenshot 3 3

Don’t stop at just lube. These fun panties expertly wed sexiness with your love of pumpkin spice. Slip into something comfortable (and naughty) today.