25 Eco-Friendly Amazon Products That Help Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Social media makes it hard to forget that our single-use plastic consumption as a human race is seriously taking a toll on the earth. If we don’t act quickly, the you-know-what might hit the fan. Lucky for us, Amazon offers some realistic and easy real-world solutions that can arrive at your home faster than the polar ice caps are melting. Here are some environmentally-friendly replacements for your everyday plastic problems.

1. Reusable Keurig Cup

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Start saving the planet as soon as you start your day with a reusable Keurig cup to replace all of the single-use ones you’re tossing every morning. This saves you money in the long run on K-cups while you’re doing the planet a favor for less than $12.

2. Metal Straws

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Think about every plastic straw you’ve used at a restaurant for your entire life. Then multiply that number by the other 330 million people in just the United States. That’s a lot of straws (and a number you probably couldn’t even calculate). Save a few plastic sippers with these reusable ones for only $3.89.

3. Collapsible Metal Straws

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If carrying around a few long metal rods to save the planet was too much for you, try these collapsible ones that fit in your pocket instead.

4. Portable Utensils

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Imagine a family barbecue where you didn’t break your plastic fork on a salad crouton. This scenario doesn’t have to be a dream—Amazon offers a variety of portable, reusable silverware that you can bring to every company picnic with the promise of quality that can outlast your one-time plastic utensils. Here’s our favorite: a bamboo trio with a straw if you happened to forget your collapsible pal.

5. Compostable Utensils

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If you happen to be the party-thrower this time around, help everyone else do their part by offering these compostable utensils in place of plastic ones.

6. Compostable Bowls and Plates

Don’t forget about the impact that single-use paper plates and bowls have on the planet before your next get-together. Skip out on bringing the dessert and volunteer to bring these compostable paper bowls instead for only $10.99. That way you’re saving the earth and dually avoiding a nasty confrontation if anyone didn’t like the way you iced the cake.

7. Wooden Sunglasses

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Face it—you’ve probably lost almost every single pair of sunglasses you’ve ever owned (guilty as charged). Minimize the environmental impact your lost sunnies have with these stylish and durable wooden sunglasses for a slim $24.04.

8. Re-purposed Billboard Vinyl Wallet

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Ditch the old-fashioned, heavy leather wallet and invest in this lightweight and extremely durable recycled sailcloth wallet (you’ll be investing in the planet’s future, too!).

9. Reusable Coffee Cup


For those that live for a Starbucks fix first thing in the morning, check out these reusable coffee cups. They can replace the paper cups with plastic lids you are so familiar with on your morning commute. Plus, they’re super cute and everyone at the office will be wondering where you got your sweet, unique cup.

10. Yeti

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The dad in everyone’s life (or perhaps just the thirstiest person you know) would benefit from a reusable, insulated Yeti cup. This cup will keep Dad’s drink way colder than any single-use water bottle. Plus, he’ll be the trendiest guy on his next hunting or fishing trip.

11. Mesh Produce Bags

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How well do those thin plastic bags lining the produce aisles really preserve your fruits and veggies? Skip the plastic and reach for these mesh produce bags to last you many trips to your favorite grocery. Plus, a 5-star rating from 3,800 reviewers beats those skinny plastic bags anyway.

12. Bamboo Toothbrush

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Did you know that every single plastic toothbrush you’ve ever had is still hanging out somewhere in a landfill? It’s scary to think that your old tooth scraper will definitely outlive you. Invest in a toothbrush that will biodegrade before your old one even thinks about it. Look into these eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes for only $7.99.

13. Glass Containers


This glass food storage set beats the old plastic stuff your mom used to bring home from parties with her friends. That’s right, the ones that were stained from the spaghetti after just one week. Skip the sauce stains with this 18-piece glass bowl set that includes a size perfect to replace a styrofoam take-home box. That’s what I call two for one!

14. Brita

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If you’ve ever traveled the world (or even the United States), you’d understand that not all water tastes the same. Ensure a delightfully consistent water quality while saving hundreds of plastic water bottles from the landfill with this best-selling Brita attachment. It will filter the water straight from your tap.

15. Safety Razor

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Those plastic razors you’ve been grabbing for all of your shaving endeavors are neither compostable nor recyclable. Take the clean-shaven and sustainable route to body hair removal by opting for a safety razor instead. Here’s Amazon’s choice for sensible shaving.

16. Biodegradable Phone Case

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Every time we want a cute, fresh look for our phone, we’re also taking a toll on the environment. Plastic phone cases aren’t the most responsible, so try these trendy biodegradable phone cases by Pela.

17. Cloth Diapers

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#1 on the baby shower registry for many expecting parents is diapers. Disposable diapers are not only costly to the planet, but they’re additionally costly to the wallet of many parents, as a newborn can go through upwards of five diapers every single day. Reusable cloth diapers are a hip way to cut down on your single-use consumption while also saving yourself tons of cash in the long run.

18. Reusable Sandwich Wrap

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Growing up, many of us brought that iconic peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch in the less-than-iconic plastic sandwich bag. Honestly, some of us still probably grab a good ole PB&J before heading to work. Forget about those plastic sandwich baggies and reach for some sustainable sandwich wraps instead.

19. Silicone Sandwich Bag

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If you prefer the classic sandwich bag look to the wraps, these silicone bags maintain the integrity of this aesthetic without all of the pollutions.

20. Reusable Grocery Bag

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The most classic first attempt for modern suburban parents to switch to a more sustainable household is with a reusable grocery bag. Snag Amazon’s Choice set of five reusable bags to help out that household plastic footprint.

21. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

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These cute, colorful natural makeup-removing rounds will change your facial routine for the better. Amazon reviewers love these pads for applying toner and removing makeup, amongst a variety of other daily activities one might use a disposable cotton pad for.

22. Ballpoint Pens from Recycled Water Bottles

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The same idea as the sunglasses applies here; rarely can a person keep track of every pen they’ve ever purchased. Being human doesn’t mean your plastic usage footprint has to increase—these pens made from recycled water bottles can make losing your favorite pen a little more bearable.

23. Recycled Toys

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The thing about toys is that all children outgrow them. Help the kids in your world start off on the right foot with a minimized environmental impact: a series of recycled plastic toys found on Amazon from a hip company called Green Toys. This sweet construction truck reminiscent of your days in the sandbox costs just under $12 to make a lasting impact on the planet.

24. Compostable Bin Liners

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Make taking out the trash a little bit cooler with these compostable kitchen trash bags from Green Earth. Plus, if you’re going the extra mile and have a compost bin near your home, you can throw your food scraps in one of these bags for facilitated food composting.

25. Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar

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One of the biggest at-home offenders of plastic pollution hangs out in your shower every day—bottled shampoo and conditioner. Eliminate the bottle bulk when you travel and the overcrowded bunch of bottles in your bathroom with Amazon’s Choice for shampoo and conditioner bars. They’re only $17.68 for the set.