18 Smart Products On Amazon For Achieving Smart Home Status

Who could ever forget about the Disney movie we all watched growing up about the smart house that cooked, cleaned, and took care of everything? That’s been every homeowner’s dream for centuries.

In today’s world connected by technology, a smart house is pretty close to being completely achievable through a variety of “smart” alternatives to your older and “dumber” appliances. Here are some products on Amazon that will help you on your way to building your very own smart home.

1. A Scale that Syncs Your Progress for You

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We’ve had the smartphones and worn the smartwatches that work so hard to motivate us to get in shape. Now, this smart scale takes an in-depth and scientific approach to weight loss. This FITINDEX smart scale connects to your phone to keep a crazy accurate count of a variety of health indicators like your BMI, body fat percentage, and muscle mass. Forget about entering your weight manually every week into your app because this smart scale does it all!

2. A Water Bottle that Tells You When You’re Thirsty

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They say by the time you’re thirsty, it’s too late. You’re already dehydrated. Take control of your body’s hydration with this 3-in-1 water bottle that lights up as a reminder to drink water with a dual function as a Bluetooth speaker. This water bottle covers your bases—you’ll never forget to drink your water or be bored without your headphones at the gym ever again.

3. A Plug So Smart It Might Even Save You Some Cash

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Never worry about running up your electricity bill or getting out of bed to turn off the lights ever again with the Smart Plug by Amazon. This sweet smart outlet works with your Amazon Alexa to turn appliances on and off so you don’t have to. Now, Alexa and your smart plug can do everything from playing your favorite good morning tunes to turning on your coffee pot at the start of every day for $24.99.

4. Smart Light Bulbs that Set the Mood for You

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Get that 1970’s mood lighting vibe without any of the other tacky furniture that came with that decade’s décor. This smart light bulb connects to your phone to do everything from controlling the room dimness to syncing with your music to glow with the beat of your favorite jams! Advance your smart home while making everyday activities a party with this smart light bulb.

5. A Smart Light Switch that Adapts to Your Schedule

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Once upon a time, everyone’s grandparents had a house with at least one room that had lights that turned off at the clap of your hands. Today’s version of clapping lights manifests in the form of a smart light switch—a switch that turns your lights on and off with the command of your voice when connected with your Amazon Alexa. This smart switch saves you the trip out of bed when you just got comfy.

6. A Lose-Proof Smart Garage Door Opener

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Nothing is worse than arriving home after a long day at work to realize you’ve lost the garage door opener in your car. Now you have to make an extra effort to search for it amongst the coffee cups, napkins, and stray receipts littering your passenger seat.

This smart garage door opener eliminates all of the stresses that come with carrying around an extra appliance to open the garage. Have your phone near and never fear—a smooth landing right into your garage is here.

7. A Personal Window Washer


Washing your windows is a hassle worth a pat on the back, but the worst reward you can get after all of your hard work is noticing that your fresh and clean windows are streaky. Avoid an injury from haphazardly standing on that twenty-year-old kitchen chair with a smart window cleaner that does all the work for you.

8. Smart Vacuums to Suck Up All that Pet Hair


Pet owners can check a task off their to-do list before parties and get-togethers with this smart vacuum that does the dog and cat hair cleaning up for you. All of your pals with allergies will appreciate the lack of allergy-inducing furry friend hair on the ground. Save yourself a little time during your party prep (and every other day) with this iRobot.

9. A Doorbell that Monitors the Expected (and Unexpected) Visitors

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The old-fashioned “peep-hole” in every apartment you had in your 20’s walked so this video doorbell could run. This Ring doorbell can connect to your Alexa and other Echo devices so you can see and communicate with visitors before you even open your front door.

Fido can take a break from guarding the house against the mailman and other intruders while you’re at work with this smart-home tech that lets you check out what’s going on out front when you’re out of the house.

10. A Smart Lock that Syncs to Your Cell

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Don’t worry about changing all of the locks on your house the next time you lose your front door key with this Bluetooth front door lock. With this smart lock’s history setting, you’ll never worry about a late-night (or day) intruder entering without your knowledge. Peace of mind achieved.

11. A Brilliant Thermostat that Learns Your Temperature Preferences

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Nest learns your thermostat patterns like a friend that understands you like a cooler house when you go to sleep and a slightly toastier one when you arrive home from work. Accuracy in temperature at preferred times means that you save money by not forgetting to shut the thermostat off before you leave (that saves you money in energy costs!). Do it all with this thermostat that can control appliances related to half of your energy bill.

12. Smart Sprinklers that Could Help Shrink Your Water Bill

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America’s vision of the “American Dream” usually entails images of the white picket fence and the well-kept perfect green lawn. Make achieving all of your American dreams a little easier with a sprinkler controller that syncs with your Alexa to help you save money and water. Rachio’s Smart Sprinkler even uses a weather intelligence system to view the forecast and adjust water accordingly so you never have to worry about watering in the rain.

13. A Mindful Mirror to Softly Illuminate Your Bathroom Breaks

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You’ll never feel like you have to stay in a hotel to get a five-star bathroom with this beautiful smart mirror. Technologically, this mirror is backlit at the touch of your hand to its smart-touch button with 3-times magnification capabilities that any aspiring beauty guru or pimple popper can appreciate. It’s a beautiful cherry on top of your very own at-home smart spa.

14. A Personal Assistant: Amazon Echo

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Today’s ability to be connected no matter where you are in the world has created incredible communication technology that facilitates working from home. Managing that heavy workload can be made easier with your very own personal assistant: Amazon Echo. Answer questions, manage your smart devices or make a grocery list with your little pal dedicated to serving you.

15. Nest Carbon Monoxide Detector and Fire Alarm

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You’ll never have to wait for that iconically obnoxious beeping alarm from your carbon monoxide detector to let you know that the batteries are dying ever again. Nest’s version of the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm sends you alerts directly to your phone in the event of a sensor failure for the next ten years.

16. A Smart Alarm Clock for Gentle Awakenings

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We’ve seen the classic analog alarm clock develop into the era of smartphone wakeups, but this smart alarm clock is changing the way people are choosing to rise and shine. This alarm clock is specially designed to begin gently waking you up with a calming red light that gradually grows into white light. Spend more A.M.’s waking up on the right side of the bed with this smart sunrise alarm clock.

17. Solar Powered Smart Blinds


Yet another cool new gadget that can control the lighting in your home at the touch of a screen or a vocal command! You’ve never owned an easier pair of blinds to manage. These blinds help you out while keeping the environment in mind by utilizing solar power for all of their functions while simultaneously learning your patterns and continuing to function even when you’re out of Bluetooth range.

18. Tiles for When You’re Tired of Losing Everything

You never really understand how much you appreciate your keyfob until you’re fifteen minutes late for work and your car keys are missing in action. Never stress about losing all of your everyday things again with these Tiles to slip on your key chain or in the bag that alerts you to an item’s location.