10 Products To Help You Get The Sleep Of Your Dreams

Sleeping is a crucial part of maintaining your health. If you’ve been spending hours tossing and turning instead of slumbering, you know how much poor sleep quality can affect your life. Don’t spend another night like this! If you’re looking for ways to catch some Z’s, these handy products could help you get the sleep of your dreams.

1. Melatonin


Sometimes a little natural boost is just what your body needs to get back on track; that’s why many people use melatonin to help them fall asleep. This bottle of USP-verified melatonin contains 240 low-dose tablets. With a price tag of only $7.26, that evens out to just 3 cents a tablet! If you’re trying to catch some more Z’s, this is an affordable place to start.*

2. Humidifier


Whether it’s snoring problems or asthma, a humidifier can help certain people get better sleep. This Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier will quietly fill your room with fresh air, helping you catch some much-needed Z’s.* Best of all, this humidifier is reasonably priced.

3. Memory Foam Pillows


You can’t get the sleep of your dreams if your head is resting at an awkward angle. Upgrading your drab pillows to high-quality memory foam ones really can make a big difference in your sleep quality. These queen-size pillows are made of hypoallergenic memory foam, perfectly designed to conform to the shape of your head and neck for ultimate support.

4. Hemp Oil

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If melatonin isn’t working for you, hemp oil could be the natural dietary supplement you’ve been looking for. Made from Colorado hemp, this extract is easy to take and can provide pain relief and help you get better sleep to boot. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to sleeping medications, hemp oil could be the solution for you.

5. Yoga Mat


There’s no denying it—regular yoga practice can provide some serious health benefits, from stress relief to improved flexibility. 💪 Many yogis also know that their practice has helped them improve their sleep quality. That’s where this yoga mat can come in handy. Printed with 70 poses, this durable mat is great for helping you find that perfect yoga flow.

6. Weighted Blanket


Sometimes it’s the simple things that really make a difference. A weighted blanket is a great way to get a little extra comfort that can help soothe you to sleep. This heavy premium blanket from Quility is designed to give you reassuring pressure. The result? You’re wrapped in luxurious comfort and ready to sleep the night away.

7. White Noise Machine

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Need a little extra background noise to fall asleep? This white noise machine from Aurola has you covered. This high-quality speaker has 7 built-in soothing sounds to help calm you down, from thunderstorms to ocean waves to winds.

8. Sleep Mask


You know what really makes falling asleep hard? Light in your eyes. That’s where eye masks can help. These memory foam sleep masks can block out irritating light, so you can slumber away undisturbed. Unlike other masks, these two have specially designed eye cavities so you can blink without irritation.

9. Mattress

Puffy Original

Tired of waking up day in and day out not feeling refreshed? It might be time to grab a new mattress. The Puffy Original is the perfect blend of affordability, comfort, and support. If you’re ready for a mattress with unrivaled pressure relief and temperature regulation, the Puffy could be the sleep-saving miracle you’ve only dreamed about.

10. Memory Foam Topper


If you’re not ready for a new bed, a mattress topper could be an affordable alternative. This 4-inch memory foam topper can easily fit on your bed and provide you the comfort and support you deserve. Don’t spend any more nights tossing and turning—better sleep is just a click away!