10 Litter Box Essentials To Make Litter-boxing Easy

We all love our fur babies, but cleaning out the litter box consistently ranks near the bottom of everyone’s chores list. If you hate dealing with the sights and smells of your cat’s litter box, why not check out some of the best items on Amazon to make litter-boxing an easier part of caring for Kitty?

1. A Litter Genie


There’s no way around it: cat litter smells. This Litter Genie will help keep that smell at bay thanks to its specially designed odor-sealing system.

This pail can hold up to 14 days’ worth of litter; that’s 2 weeks of no trips to the dumpster. All for a great price? Your litter-cleaning routine just got a lot easier.

2. Natural Cat Litter


If you want to provide your feline friend with a better litter box experience, why not try this quick-clumping litter from Naturally Fresh? This litter not only better protects against odor, but its extra absorbency means that it will also last much longer than your run-of-the-mill litter.

Naturally Fresh does more than save you money while cutting odors (as if that wasn’t enough); this litter is also dust-free, so your kitty won’t be breathing in harmful particles while she takes care of business.

3. This Discreet Litter Box

Pet Litterbox Plant

A litter box is a pretty essential part of owning a cat. But, any cat parent will tell you that litter boxes can be real eyesores. Good Pet Stuff has this problem solved with its hidden cat litter box. Shaped like a potted plant, it’s easy to tuck this little guy in the corner and forget about it until it’s time to start scooping.

Even better, its covered design means that it will be harder for your fur baby to kick litter around, keeping her mess contained in one spot. If you’re tired of looking at your cat’s litter box, it’d be hard to go wrong with this clever design.

4. A Litter Scoop


Do you know what you need to scoop litter? A litter scoop. This little guy has a hard, long job ahead of him, and he’s more than tough enough to get the job done right.

Made of sturdy metal, this scoop is also deep enough that you can sift through a good amount of litter at once. Litter-box time just got a lot easier, all for a great low price.

5. An Automatic Litter Box


Scooping isn’t your thing? Not a problem. An automatic litter box can take the hassle out of this chore. This self-cleaning box from PetSafe will do the scooping for you; all you have to do is replace the litter tray every so often.

Combined with a litter-tracking lid, this box will make your old scooping routine a thing of the past.

6. Litter Box Mats

Petfusion Litter Mat

It’s a tale as old as time: Cat uses the litter box, the cat tries to cover up her business, the cat gets litter everywhere. If you have to deal with Kitty constantly flinging litter outside her box, a litter mat can make cleanup easier. 

This large mat from PetFusion is easy to clean; simply wipe, vacuum, or sweep up the trapped litter to keep your space looking and smelling fresh! But the best part is that this spacious mat won’t break the bank.

7. A Cordless Vacuum

51Vtm52 Kll. Ac Sl1000

Cleaning up the area around the litter box is essential to keeping your space looking and smelling fresh; that’s easier than ever with the right cordless vacuum cleaner. 

This stick vacuum from BLACK+DECKER is strong enough to pick up litter, hair, and dander without a hassle. With no cords for your cat to get tangled up in, this efficient vacuum can be a great addition to your cleaning arsenal.

8. Litter Box Liners


Scooping the litter box is no fun. But cleaning the box itself? 🤢🤮 Make this part of litter-boxing easier than ever—litter box liners remove the hassle of cleaning the actual litter box itself. 

Simply lay one of these scratch-proof bags down before you pour litter into the box. Then, when you’re ready to replace the litter entirely, just tie up the liner and throw it out.

9. Some Litter Deodorizer


Tried and tried to get rid of that litter-box smell with no luck? The NonScents litter deodorizer has you covered. Just pour some into the bottom of your litter box before you add some litter, and you could notice a serious difference in how your home space smells.

With a great low price of only $10.99, this solution is an affordable way to cut back on bad odors.

10. An Air Purifier

Air Purifier Dyson

An air purifier can help make your air cleaner and fresher in no time. If you’re looking for only the best, you can’t go wrong with a Dyson. This Pure Cool Link air purifier can remove most pesky allergens in the air.

Combined with an odor-catching carbon filter, this Dyson air purifier and fan could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.