10 Best Items To Care For Your Aging Dog

We all love our fur babies and want the best for them. But aging pets have special needs that require extra attention. If you have a senior dog in your household, here are some great finds we’ve sniffed out that can help make your dog’s golden years happier and healthier.

1. Turmeric Dog Treats


Does your older pooch deal with joint pain or a weakened immune system? Turmeric dog treats could be just the tasty solution you’ve been looking for. These Zesty Paws goodies are soft and chewy, so your senior pet can eat them with ease. Coming in duck and bacon flavors, it’s never been easier to treat your dog to something healthy.

2. Dog Sling Lifts


Arthritis, hip pain, weakening muscles… all of these issues often affect older dogs. If your dog struggles with these issues, he might have a harder time getting around than he used to as a puppy. If that’s the case, a dog sling can give your dog the (literal) lift he needs to keep going on his favorite walking route. This support harness is sturdy and soft, so you know your dog will be carefully supported the whole time.

3. Senior Dog Food


Older pets may need specialized diets to help keep them healthy. This specialized senior dog food may do the trick; it’s grain-free and fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin to help promote joint health. If you’re looking for a high-meat content kibble specially designed for aging doggos, Nulo has you covered.

4. Wet Dog Food


If you notice your aging pet has trouble chewing hard kibble, treating her to some wet dog food may make dinnertime easier for her. This Cesar variety pack is tasty and, more importantly, easy to eat. Coming in four mouth-watering flavors, you can easily spoil your furry friend with these grain-free recipes.

5. Dog Ramps


Just because your furry friend is older doesn’t mean he doesn’t crave adventures. However, your pet might find it harder to climb into your car as he ages. That’s where dog ramps can help. This sturdy slope can help Fido enter your car with ease. Traveling to the park for the best game of fetch? No problem!

6. Dog Toys


Your older dog might still be a puppy at heart. Nurture that desire to play! Toys can help your dog stay active and alert in her golden years. This cute interactive plushie can be just what she needs to keep herself occupied and engaged.

7. Dog Training Pads


Accidents happen. If your dog has issues with urinary incontinence, a dog training pad can give him a place to go inside the house. These potty pads are reusable and durable, so you can use them over and over again, saving you money in the long run. You won’t have to worry about these pads leaking, either; they’re designed with four tough layers to optimize absorbency. Coming in a pack of two, these pads also come with a collapsible bowl and poop bag dispenser, all for under $25.

8. Dog Stairs


Your doggo could jump like an Olympic athlete as a pup. Now, she might need a little help getting up onto the sofa, bed, or one of her other favorite places to nap. You can help your pet get where she needs to be with some dog stairs. These high-density foam stairs can do just that, so your dog can still maintain her independence around the house.

9. Orthopedic Dog Beds


We all feel better when we sleep on a high-quality mattress; your dog is no different! Aging canines will need extra support as they slumber, and an orthopedic dog bed can help your pooch get a comfortable night’s sleep that supports his health.

10. Pet Strollers


If your doggo is on the smaller side, you can still take him with you on your walks outside. A pet stroller can let your pooch get all the sunshine and fresh air he wants, all without over-exhausting himself in the process. With plenty of space for poop bags, water, and more, this reasonably priced dog stroller can be a great new way to take your pet on walks.